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La Ferme des Baleines – which specialises in salt pond aquaculture – is located in a naturally protected area at the head of Fier d’Ars Bay on the Île de Ré.

Fier d’Ars Bay is its own inland sea, where the tides bring nutrient-rich sea water into the surrounding tidal flats and salt marshes.

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La Ferme des Baleines Claire Salt Marsh

This marine aquaculture farm has the ideal natural conditions for salt pond aquaculture. Located at the western end of Fier d’Ars Bay, the waters of La Ferme des Baleines are filtered through a series of tidal flats, channels, and marshes in the Lilleau des Niges Nature Reserve.

This pure water is full of micro-nutrients, supporting phytoplankton growth under the strong sunlight of the Île de Ré.

The nutrient density of the fertile waters of Fier d’Ars Bay and the natural richness of the soil under and along the sea make claire salt pond cultivation possible. The products of this marine polyculture have all the flavour of their merroir.

La Ferme des Baleines is a 23-hectare (56.8 acres) marine oyster farm in the heart of Fier d’Ars Bay in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines that practices claire salt pond polyculture. In its claire salt ponds – clay-lined basins dug into the salt marshes – this aquaculture farm produces and finishes salt pond oysters, raises tiger prawns, clams, scallops, and sea bream.

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Ostréiculteurs de la Ferme des Baleines
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