Production Vision

Artisanal Aquaculture

La Ferme des Baleines – which specialises in salt pond aquaculture – practices carefully planned artisanal aquaculture and oyster production that focuses on quality.
The claire salt ponds are fragile, entirely man-made structures. As the guardian of this natural balance and of this contained ecosystem, La Ferme des Baleines is committed to protecting the natural and environmental richness of this merroir where the land and sea come together.
Travail dans les bassins

Oyster and Clam Nursery

Sustainably Managed Cultivation Densities

As the tides and seasons come and go, our natural oysters continue to grow in our claire salt ponds. With plenty of space – there are only two to five oysters per square metre – the oysters’ diet is rich in phytoplankton, making them meaty and full of characteristic flavour.

The taste of our 100% salt pond-raised oysters lingers on the palate, with the slight almond flavour of their merroir and their fine balance of land and sea tastes.

With a focus on quality over quantity, La Ferme de Baleines releases tiger prawn larvae and juvenile sea bream into their salt ponds, supporting artisanal, low-density production. Our tiger prawns and gilt-head sea bream have access to abundant natural food sources, giving them firm, yet delicate flesh with a subtle ocean aroma.
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