Oysters and their Merroir

When you eat an oyster, you're tasting all the flavours of its merroir

The quality and taste of an oyster depends mostly on the quality of the water it filters through its body and the richness of the clay sediment on which it grows.

Oysters are filter-feeding molluscs with an insatiable thirst. To feed itself, each oyster filters around 200 litres of water per day.

Portrait huître

Meaty Oysters from the Marshes of the Île de Ré

Each merroir is unique

When they filter seawater, oysters capture the essence of their marine terroir: their merroir. Each merroir is unique: a subtle mix of minerals, microalgae, and plankton.

Oysters from La Ferme des Baleines offer us the aroma of their claire salt pond home: a unique merroir that arises from the salt pond's mix of land and sea.

Before reaching La Ferme des Baleines, seawater from Fier d’Ars bay is filtered through a maze of channels and basins in the Lilleau de Niges Nature Reserve. This means that by the time it reaches us, the water is full of micronutrients and phytoplankton.

This rich, fertile water is nourishing food for our 100% salt pond-raised oysters, giving them a meaty texture and subtle hints of both the land and sea.

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Trois huître sur plateau bois
Jour de brassage des huîtres

Jour de brassage des huîtres

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