Artisanal clam cultivation in a nursery and then in claire salt ponds

Criblage de Palourdes

Sifting Clams

Clams, like oysters, are filter-feeding bivalve molluscs that thrive in claire salt pond aquaculture.

Clams have 2 siphons, one to draw in water and the other to expel it. They use one of these siphons to capture phytoplankton, which they feed on. Clams grow faster than usual at La Ferme des Baleines because of the rich clay sediment and the fertile waters of Fier d’Ars Bay.

We leave clam seed to grow on screens submerged in a tub of water in our nursery. After 3 months, the clams are washed off, sorted, and sown manually in the bottoms of our salt ponds.

As they grow in our claire salt ponds, La Ferme des Baleines clams develop a taste typical of their merroir, with mineral and marine notes.

DesignationRuditapes philippinarum, ‘Manila’ Clams
MerroirSt-Clément-des-Baleines claire salt marshes, île de Ré
Cultivation TypeArtisanal clam cultivation in a nursery and then in claire salt ponds
Food Source100% natural, phytoplankton-based
TasteMineral and salty flavours
SeasonComing June 2019


Palourde de 3 mm

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